Our Story

Camp Spiritfire (formerly called Service Summer Camp) was the brainchild of three friends in recovery, passionate about service work and who had a dream to make it engaging and exciting for everyone. They had conversations over coffee and food, while hiking, pretty much every chance they got.


Conversations ranged from issues such as engagement in groups, leadership, traditions and concepts, frustration with the "status quo," to ideas about values, commitment, flexibility, love and how these impact every area of their lives - in work, family, relationships, life dreams. They often remarked how they wished they could get everyone they knew together for a whole weekend around a campfire to continue those conversations that they felt were so central to their development and passion.

One night in 2017, after seeing a flyer for a retreat posted at a community center, one of them excitedly called the others with an idea - what about summer camp?! The nostalgia for a time when they could lose (or find) themselves in nature, play, discovery, and connection with others?  

They set out brainstorming ideas for activities, workshops - their imaginations were fired, and this caught on to those around them until a committee was formed and Service Summer Camp was born!

Over two successful camp weekends, the counselors realized in 2019 that the experience was much more than service - all three legacies (recovery, unity and service) are necessary for lasting and meaningful sobriety. Taking inspiration from the primary purpose of camp - to allow campers to feel invigorated, engaged, and fired up around recovery and service, Service Summer Camp became Camp Spiritfire!

We're so grateful you found us, and we hope you'll join us for an incredible event!

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Mission + purpose

ICamp Spiritfire (CSF) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that promotes the joy of living in recovery, healing, and connection to ourselves, nature, and community through events that foster an exchange of ideas, self-discovery, meaningful connections, and a sense of play..


It is our mission to inspire hope, self-acceptance, and playfulness while celebrating the joys of service, unity & recovery.