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Your health and safety is our number one priority at Camp Spiritfire. As California and the US continue to ease COVID-related health measures, Camp Spiritfire has implemented several health and safety guidelines. We will be closely monitoring county and state guidelines and restrictions set forth and will adjust our plan as necessary. Please understand that our safety plans may be subject to change.

First, in order to promote a safe, stress- and COVID-free weekend, we are requiring all campers to show proof of either vaccination or negative COVID test to attend. 


Although masks are not required in most spaces throughout camp, we ask that all campers and counselors be mindful of others, including respecting preferences indicated on badges regarding physical proximity, and asking permission to move within 6 feet of someone wearing a mask, and before hugging or shaking hands.


additional guidelines


1. We will update this website, the FAQs, and any registered attendees with any changes to guidelines as appropriate.

2. Name badges included in your registration kit will be customizable - you will have the opportunity to indicate your level of comfort with physical distancing. 

3. At this time, masks will be required only while in the dining hall while getting your food;  they are not required while seated and dining.


You will be regularly encouraged to drink water - lots of it. Because of the elevation at camp, it is very important to stay hydrated. If you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated! We'll review all health & safety protocols during the Welcome Orientation on Friday evening. 


Please do not take pictures without people’s permission & do not post on social media without asking them first if it’s okay. Be mindful to take pictures away from others who may be visible in the background.


Throughout Alcoholics Anonymous and our service structure, we seek to practice the principles of our twelve steps, traditions and concepts in all our affairs. This is especially true in how we interact with others, even during conflict. We recognize that “love and tolerance of others” is our code, but also that our common welfare comes first. We strive to create spaces that are comprised and respectful of diverse ideas and backgrounds - visible or otherwise - based on gender, race/ethnicity, spiritual beliefs, ability, world view, etc.


Disruptive or threatening behavior during any CSF function will not be tolerated – these behaviors are defined as conduct that interrupts the good orderly direction of the meeting or event, or conduct that intimidates or threatens other members. These behaviors include, but are not limited to: yelling and cursing, name-calling, mocking, threats of any kind, physical violence or intimidation such as blocking someone’s ability to move freely, unwanted physical contact, slamming doors or throwing items.


Anyone who engages in disruptive behavior will be asked to adhere to our guidelines for respectful conduct. If the individual refuses this reasonable request, or exhibits threatening conduct of any kind, they will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund.

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