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Life at Camp


Camp Spiritfire is summer camp for adults in recovery.

It's about the carefree days of childhood where we felt free to be ourselves, before all the walls came up. It's a weekend about supporting & feeling supported, discovery & exploration. Deepening our understanding of who we are in recovery & celebrating all three legacies through sharing and laughter.  Participate in interactive sharing sessions and workshops, and let your inner kid out too - Color Wars, morning meditation and yoga, arts & crafts, music, s'mores and stories around the campfire, A.A. meetings, swimming, kickball, capture the flag, dancing, stargazing, camp songs, a talent show Saturday night, & so much more!


What to expect  

To get out of your comfort zone, supporting others & being supported, laughing till it hurts, making new friends, seeking a deeper connection, vulnerability, goofiness.

What you should not expect 

Trainings - for example, on Roberts Rules of Order, responsibilities of a group treasurer, how to conduct a group inventory, etc. Of course, there may be conversations about these types of things, but you should not expect these as topics within the program. The weekend is about our relationship with recovery, ourselves, each other, nature, spirituality, and play.​

There will be free time during the weekend for reflection, rest, fellowship, pool time, and fun. Additional camp amenities include: basketball courts, volleyball, horseshoes, game area with air-hockey, ping pong, and pool table, as well as archery and paintball for an additional fee.

You are encouraged to create the weekend experience you crave - we will be providing a mix of spiritual, holistic, physical, reflective, recovery and fellowship activities so you can focus on what you most need throughout the weekend. 

Here are just a few:

WELCOME FESTIVAL (an all-camper activity)

Get to know your fellow campers in this special opening event - music, food, lawn games like cornhole, and even a round of Speed Fellowship (if you dare). Later, your camp counselors will introduce themselves and everything you need to know for your camp weekend through songs, skits, and laughter.



Roast marshmallows, sing, tell stories, & laugh with your new friends around the campfire each night!


Meetings at Camp Spiritfire take the form of 11th Step meditation meetings, topic & discussion meetings, main speaker meetings, panels, and even the occasional "truth or dare" meeting.

INTENTION-SETTING & LETTING GO (an all-camper activity)

This all-camper session is about self-reflection, bearing witness to each other, and speaking from the heart. Campers break into small, intimate circles for reflection and sharing on what’s working well and what’s holding you back - this can be in recovery or other life areas. Then, develop an intention that you can put into action during the weekend and for the upcoming year.


A.A. sharing meets camp in a creative and fun atmosphere! Work in small groups to develop a creative piece based on one of your group members' story of a “service miracle.” Then perform or showcase your creative piece with the larger group!


During this transformative session, you'll be led in breathing techniques and practices designed to promote a deeper sense of connection to yourself and others.

COLOR WARS (an all-camper activity)

All campers are assigned a color prior to camp - you'll get your color assignment in an email with all your other camp info for the weekend. During Color Wars, campers are divided into their color teams where they compete in contests, games, and relay races for points awarded from our official judges. You’ll have a blast competing with your new friends in team relay races & games like egg-n-spoon race, hula hoop pass, and one we like to call Greasy Watermelon, Soapy Tarp. Spend a couple hours getting silly and playing harder than you did as a kid. Campers will also be awarded points throughout the weekend for spirit, unity, and courage. The winning team will be announced during the Farewell Meeting on Monday.


Show us your magic tricks, juggling or lip-syncing skills, or ventriloquism! Sign up during check-in or throughout the weekend with your counselor emcee, The Perkolator.


Unwind from the bustle of the day (and the stress of the year) with a healing soundbath - under the stars.


Despite the name, the Whisper Walk is not a nature walk, and anyone at any mobility level can participate. This last activity of the weekend is about listening from the heart. We begin with a brief quiet reflection on your intention set at the beginning of the weekend, challenges that inspired it, followed by a unique ceremony where you'll receive love and support. This is something you should not miss. We know you will not want to miss this.


This special ceremony celebrates gratitude & how it brings color to our lives! Celebrate gratitude for recovery, service, the weekend, and new friends we made! A speaker/participation meeting followed by the announcement of the Color Wars winners, the Golden Pinecone coronation, and a song or two to end the weekend. 


4 days & 3 night's lodging + meals + activities over Labor Day weekend

FRI-MON AUG 30th - SEP 2nd  2024

What's Included

what's included

  • Four days & three nights' lodging at a beautiful retreat center in Julian, California. 

  • The lodging option of your choice: bunk cabin or tent camping.

  • Breakfast, lunch, & dinner for 4 days starting with dinner on Friday and ending with breakfast on Monday), plus coffee all weekend.

  • All Camp Spiritfire programming, including participatory workshops, meetings, and guided morning practices.

  • Access to retreat center's grounds and facilities, including hiking trails, zipline, ropes course, and immersive natural beauty! All the summer camp you can handle, including bonfires, a camper talent show, and camp games!

  • Registration packet with lanyard & camp patch or pin button (as available).

  • New sober friends & fellowship!

  • 365-4-4 (The feeling forevermore that you live 365 days for these 4 days!)

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